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• Strategic planning for the minerals and waste management industries

• Strategic Planning for business

• Archaeological and heritage consultancy

• Corporate social responsibility

• Sustainable resource management

• Facilitation and community engagement

• Restoration of quarry and waste management sites

• Training

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Sustainable Resource Management

While many companies have some sense of what sustainability means, a common view is lacking. In a competitive world conflicting interpretations make life difficult for managers seeking to incorporate sustainability into their everyday operations and management practice. However, to meet customer demands and society’s expectations, companies must embrace the economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainable development in order to retain their license to operate and their ability to attract capital and people to their businesses.

̶We provide new ways of thinking, focusing on future practice rather than a re-working of current or past activity. We will introduce clients to the concept of Sustainable Resource Management, enabling them to realise its opportunities and manage operations effectively for the 21st century.